Being Nut Free is not an Overreaction

There are a lot of reasons that I wanted to start this blog. I am mostly hoping that it will help me to be a better dad. I also want to become an advocate for my daughter who is severely allergic to a number of common foods.

In the time since my daughter was diagnosed with a nut allergy I’ve heard a lot of troubling statements. People seem to think that my wife and I are being over protective. On one occasion a waiter tried to explain to my wife that his girlfriend was a dietitian and she said that total avoidance of nuts (like the kind that was cross-contaminating their gelato) would make her allergies worse.

My only response to that kind of thinking is that the numerous trips to the ER would indicate that her allergies are about as bad as they can get. We are at a point where her health is an even greater concern.

I’ve heard that the statistics regarding deaths resulting from food allergies to be in the low hundreds annually. So that argument goes on to say that the cost to keep schools nut free is disproportionate to the threat. What those people don’t understand is that my child should have the right to attend school as any other child and in fact there are several hundred thousand ER visits every year related to food allergy exposures.

Here’s a fun fact for you!

Every 3 minutes a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency department–
that is about 200,000 emergency department visits per year, and every 6 minutes the
reaction is one of anaphylaxis. This was found here.


Here’s some more information for you:


2 thoughts on “Being Nut Free is not an Overreaction

  1. I too have many sensitivities to many common foods. Milk, corn, soy, peanuts, etc. People don’t understand how big of an issue cross-contamination is! The amount of companies I’ve had to call or email in order to verify the safety is ridiculous! Luckily I just have sensitivities rather than an allergy, so my mistakes will only end in severe migraines and nausea, but not a trip to the hospital. Still bad enough for 100% avoidance. I’m still new to my diagnosis, but if you need any tips or advice, especially on products for your daughter feel free to let ask me. I’ve had to replace all of my makeup, hair, laundry detergent, and other body care products to allergy free replacements. Good luck!


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