Fantastic Four Teaser

Looks a little overly serious. Will I see it? Yes. Will I see it in the Theater? Eh, maybe.

Batman Begins with the Fantastic Four?

I haven’t established this yet in my blog but I am a bit of a comic book fan. That’s actually what I mean though. I buy about one or two comic books in a month and occasionally read a graphic novel.

I was raised as a Marvel fan and I’m very happy with their recent success. I wish that Marvel and Disney still had access to all of their properties. I want my Silver Surfer movie and I’m guessing that someone decided he was included with the Fantastic Four. I’m probably the only one that wants that though. Side note: I don’t want Fox to make it.

Given the gritty appearance of the trailer I would have to watch this sans kids before I let them watch it at least until their 18, right? I think that I’m the minority but it’s my belief that ‘comic book movies,’ should be made to allow a seven year old to see them. That’s my problem with Dark Knight. I liked it, until I had kids and realized that, although he’s a darker hero, Batman should be fun.

My kids are definitely too young for this one of course. I look forward to the day that I can take my oldest the see the Infinity War movie though…maybe.

I would like to see AntMan in the theater though. That looks fun!

The media for this post can be found here!


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