This page presents several of the Tags that I use in an attempt to organize the posts on this site. This also explains some of the topics that are discussed here.

Dad Health: These are posts that are related to things that I have learned over the years to help stay healthy and reasonably fit. Since the birth of my first child I have felt a renewed motivation to stay healthy and more in shape with the hope of being around to spend time with my grandchildren.

Dad Tech: These posts will be stuff for the Dad’s who may share interests with me. Usually things about scientific breakthroughs or our lives in the future.

Food Allergies: These posts will be related to raising a child with food allergies. My daughter was diagnosed with potentially anaphylactic food allergies when she was one year old. It took me a long time to really understand what that meant.

Dad Fun: Activities for Dad’s and kids.

Better Man = Better Dad: These posts will be about helping fathers achieve their dreams and goals. These can be dadcentric or just person-centric. I am  of the belief that, although parenting eats up a massive amount of time, it is still important for a man or woman to better themselves and reach for the stars (Sorry. I was trying to work with the space theme).

Movie Parenting: Movie reviews with both a parental focus and my own opinion. Also Media Parenting

Book Reviews Rec: Reviews related to fun reads because every parent needs some down time.

Book Reviews Parenting: Reviews of books on parenting, or at least books that can help with parenting in some way.

Book Reviews Kids: Reviews related to books that are for the little ones who control our lives

Book Reviews Comics:Self explanatory, I think.

Toys: These posts will be about toys for the young and the young at heart.

Geeky Dad: Dad related and just pure geek joy here!

Additional topics will be added as needed.


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